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EGR Delete

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What Is A EGR Delete And What Does It Do?

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Re-circulation. What the engine manufacturer’s attempted to accomplish was to lower NOX emissions being expelled out of the exhaust. The way EGR does this is by allowing exhaust gas (which is lower in oxygen) into the intake of the engine which lowers the combustion temperature. This results in a lower NOX emissions.

This also results in a clogged up intake system. These spent exhaust gasses are full of soot that would normally exit the exhaust pipe and fall to the ground. Soot build up in your diesel’s intake system is never a good thing. It will reduce engine power and cause excessive wear and tear on the engine due to the higher temperatures that EGR equipped engines run at compared to diesel engines with no EGR.

If you are looking to rid your vehicle of a troublesome factory EGR system there are many solutions out there. If we have a truck come into the shop with a stuck EGR valve or a cracked EGR cooler, depending on what truck it is we could potentially be looking at anywhere from $800 to $1,800 worth of OEM parts just to get that truck back on the road.

What Are Some Industry Leading Brands?

H&S Motorsport and Sinister Diesel are two of the most well known EGR Delete Kit manufacturers. They combine the highest quality materials with cutting edge designs to create the best EGR for your specific truck. They have years of expertise in the diesel world and are the companies paving the way forward.